• 26 Video Lessons

    In 3-hours video lessons, Colin explains his approach to preparing, photographing, and editing mesmoreizing timelapses.

  • Detailed Knowledge

    Colin has years of experience timelapsing. Learn from one of the best timelapse filmmakers out there.

  • Supporting PDF

    A downloadable PDF accompanies the workshop with module recaps, notes and links to Colin's favorite tools.

Learn from award-winning filmmaker Colin Delehanty

  • Introduction

    Welcome to the new timelapse workshop! We meet Alex & Cloin and learn what they have in store.

  • Coffee Q&A with Alex

    Alex & Colin sit down for coffee and go over some of Alex's questions about timelapse photography.

  • Intro To The Workshop

    Colin introduces what he will teach in the workshop.

  • What is Time-lapse?

    The 3 key values you need to know before head into the field to time-lapse.

  • Camera Gear

    Take a look at Colin's backpack and see which are his go-to cameras, lenses, fast memory cards...

  • Timelapse Gear

    Special time-lapse specific equipment you will need. Includes tripods, pan-tilt heads, motorized heads, sliders...

  • Support Gear

    Take a look at Colin's accessory kit to be prepared or any situation.

  • Field Essentials

    How Colin prepares for a shoot. Includes location scouting, mood boards, and destination guides.

  • Module Outro

    Key takeaways Colin has learned from his 7 years of experience.

  • Motion Timelapse

    Learn how to use a motorized slider and pan & tilt head.

  • In the Field-Manual Exposure Ramping

    How to manually control the exposure of your time-lapse.

  • Shooting Waterfalls with Motion

    Using a longer shutter to capture motion in your time-lapse.

  • Astro-Timelapse

    Join Colin in the field for a step by step tutorial on how to capture the best astro lapse.

  • Shooting Moonrise

    Colin takes us on a moonrise shoot on Yosemite Meadows.

  • How to do a lens twist

    Why twisting the lens can reduce flicker in a time-lapse.

  • Day-to-Night Timelapse

    Perhaps the hardest time-lapses of all- the day-to-night transition. Colin shares his approach and recipe to making a day-to-night lapse.

  • Day-to-Night at Tunnel View

    Using day-to-night timelapse to capture an incoming storm.

  • Import Structure

    How to import and organize your timelapse files.

  • Basic Timelapse Rendering

    Rendering and stabilizing your timelapses using Adobe After Effects.

  • Advanced Timelapse Rendering

    De-flickering your timelapses using LRTimelapse and Adobe Lightroom.

  • Outro to Editing

    What to remember when editing your timelapses.

  • Seeing Life in Timelapse

    Using your imagination to find a timelapse subject.

  • Finding Purpose in your Timelapse

    Questions you should ask yourself before starting a timelapse project.

  • Mood Boards and Shot Lists

    Using mood boards and shot lists to give your project creative imagination.

  • Production Schedule

    How to setup a production schedule so you don't miss a shoot.