• 2 hrs of Video Content

    In 18 episodes, Forrest breaks down his mindset & approach to commercial photography, creating concepts and being yourself on social media.

  • 4 All-New Presets

    Get access to Forrest's newest Lightroom presets. You won't find them anywhere else.

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    A downloadable PDF accompanies the workshop with module recaps, notes, and links to Forrest's favorite tools.

"With the right mindset, you can turn an obstacle into an opportunity."

Forrest Mankins

Meet Forrest

Take a look through even just a handful of his photographs, and it immediately becomes apparent that Forrest has developed a distinctly personal style. While our previous workshops have all focused on the essential skills needed to capture a moment, this one sets out to show you how to actually create one.

In this deep dive into the way Forrest views the world, you’ll learn his strategies and high-level vision that will help you elevate your work to the next level.

From forming a creative concept from scratch, to finding shoot locations near your home, to confidently directing subjects — you’ll learn how to take the vision you have in your head and put it into your photography.

This is where developing your own unique style as an artist begins.

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Workshop Curriculum

  1. Alex introduces one of his favorite creators, Forrest Mankins, and gives some backstory to their relationship and the workshop.

  2. Alex and Forrest have tea and kickoff the workshop.

  3. You can do an amazing job at planning out an entire shoot, but by choosing a less than amazing image as a final result you’ve wasted the idea and your own time.

  1. With the right mindset, you can turn an obstacle into an opportunity. Learn from Forrest’s experience with burnout and find out what brought him back into creativity.

  2. Forrest explains how taking the time to write down brief outlines of your ideas can help you come back to photography with a new passion and direction.

  3. It’s important to think about the point or the substance of a photo as your primary goal first, with the location being secondary. We don’t need everything to be perfect, just the elements we’re choosing to put in our frame.

  1. Forrest helps you find/identify people to shoot with, even if you’ve never done it before. He explains how and why to properly communicate everything from your concept to logistics.

  2. Go above and beyond with how you treat people, and you’ll make new creative relationships that put you on the path to creating better work than you’ve ever made.

  3. Forrest demystifies “building a team” and suggests practical and easy ways to do so.